05/04/2001Its all here
07/13/2000Two nicities for ya! Ozomatli Live chat this Friday, July 14th 10-11PM Eastern, 7-8PM Pacific. Want a copy of Dos Cosas Ciertas in MP3? Its available at: MusicBlitz.com. Enjoy.
06/02/2000Greetings Ozo fans! Sorry for the unanounced move. A few things, which don't need to be discussed here, took place which prompted me to move the website to another location. As always, to prevent losing track of the website, please only book mark home.earthlink.net/~phatbass/Ozomatli, that way you will always be able to find the website. Hopefully I'll have some time over the weekend to do some more updates. Until then...
05/31/2000Still want a copy of Cut Chemist & Miles? Its still available at: MusicBlitz.com, which includes an artist bio. Enjoy. Also updated the Web Links section.
05/30/2000Hey Folks, just a friendly reminder, remember to only bookmark home.earthlink.net/~phatbass/Ozomatli as that site will always contain the link to Ozomatli Rocks The House.
05/10/2000For those of you who are looking for Ozomatli merchandise, please visit the official Ozomatli Store.
05/09/2000Whuzzzup... Updated the tourdates.
04/28/2000Greetings happy people. Just got a new URL for ya, a live show from the El Rey Theatre here in Hollywood , California. Check it out here.
03/19/2000Greetings. Updated the Discussion Board to include a couple minor tweaks. If you encounter any problems please, let me know. Also updated the Music section to include real audio clips of the Self titled release. Sorry it took me so long. Hopefully I'll be able to add more real audio junk later on. Enjoy.
03/11/2000The biggest, and most obvious news is the fact that Ozomatli Rocks The House has moved to its own domain, www.ozomatli.net. There are new Tour Dates. I've also added a Discussion Board, so feel free to converse. There will be updates fairly often. As usual, it all depends on my work schedule. I should have the real audio samples back online by the end of the week (fingers crossed). As for now, enjoy the website!
10/19/1999Added a few singles to the Misc section of the Music page. I still haven't found a new place to put up my sound samples. Hopefully I'll have some place soon...
10/11/1999Added a link to the new KCRW broadcast of Ozomatli on Morning Becomes Eclectic from October 1st. The set starts out with two new songs and contines with more new music.
10/04/1999By now you've noticed the complete site over haul. I'm still in the process of updating the site. Hope you like the new look. Added a couple of new compilations to the Music Section. Enjoy!
10/03/1999Hey folks! Currently you can download a track from the Funky Precedent using Real Networks free Real Jukebox. The track is Cut Chemist & Miles - S.N.T. (Live at Peacepipe). Very funky stuff from the planetary pioneer and his mixer =). On another slightly related note, I'm working to get those album sound clips online again...
9/21/1999Finally got off my butt and put something new on the site. Added The Funky Precedent to the compilation section. More stuff soon.
5/11/99Lots of new Tourdates!!! Go see them when they are on tour!
5/8/99What a fitting way to break 4000 hits!!! New Tourdates!!! Ozomatli on tour with Santana and Dave Matthews Band!
4/19/99A bit of bad news, I had to take down the Ya Llego samples from the page. Sorry folks...
4/17/99 Pt. 2Well, in just under a month and a half's time we've had over 2400 visitors! Aw G-Yeah!
2400 hits!!!
4/17/99Updated the site, added a link on the side bar for the Chat Room. Enjoy.
4/16/99Great news folks! You can download an MP3 of Cut Chemist Suite for free from Rioport.com. Also added a link to Ozomatli.com in the Web Links section. Also added a Chatroom to the site. Enjoy.
4/13/99 @ 11:12WOOHOO!!! New Tour Dates for you! Go see these shows!!!!
4/13/99 @ 8:40Updated a bunch of links on the page! You will find new links on the Weblinks and Review Pages. Enjoy!
4/13/99Just a note to all you folks who keep emailing me. Keep it up! But please bare in mind, the address ozomatli@iname.com is not an address for the band. This is my email address, and the email goes directly to me, not to the band. I am looking into getting an email address for the band itself. Stay tuned.
4/8/99Added Never Been Kissed and a track listing for edTV to the Misc. section in the Music Section. For all you Southern Californian's be sure to check out Ozo's show at Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center on Sunday.
Sunday April 11, 1999
6 p.m./ $10
8 Friends of Shplang
Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center
2225 Colorado Blvd., Eagle Rock
(323) 226-1617
4/5/99New Tour Dates up. Mostly California shows.
3/31/99Added the image for the Jurrasic Five Album in the Misc. section. Sorry to everyone who bought tickets for the show just to see Ozomatli. You'll have to wait till they play with Santana...
3/29/99 @ 5:55The samples are up and running! Enjoy!
3/29/99Updated the Music Section again (that's what it's all about though, right?) Added samples for all the songs on the S/T album (they may or may not be working, still waiting on that). Also changed how the page was laid out a little. I should have some more links up soon. Just have to sort through them all.
3/28/99Updated the Music Section. Added an entry for the Cut Chemist Suite Euro Single. Also Added some of the lyrics for the S/T album. I'm working on samples for the S/T album.
3/26/99Well, since I've got some kind of nasty respriatory virus, looks like I'll be spending some extra time at home. You get to reap the benefits! Updated the Music Section. Added a shot for Cut Chemist Vs. Shortcut, and the image for edTV. There is an import single for Cut Chemist Suite floating around. CDNow has it, and if I'm lucky, I too may soon have it =)
3/22/99Bad news. Apparantly Ozomatli has decided to drop the rest of the Offspring Tour. More info as it comes in. See the updated tourdates for effected dates. The Offspring is still on tour.
3/16/99 @ 7:45Updated tourdates, more shows for you to go see!!!
3/16/99My sincere appologies for not updating the site. Work has been tough. Here's the break down. I updated the compilation page, added new tourdates, got a new address for the site http://listen.to/ozomatli, and somehow, my site got listed on Yahoo. I'm utterly stumped as to how that happened, but oh well. Future updates will include (but are not limited to) Lyrics, Samples from the S/T album, Links to tons of Ozomatli related stuff you didn't even know was out there, and more. Stick around, its about to get really good...
8/22/98My appologies for not updating the page. When you start working full time, you tend to lose out on time to update webpages. I've got new tourdates for ya! Rejoice!!!
7/21/98Joined that wonderful webring that Bintal has created. The pics should be coming soon. My danged scanner is crapping out on me...
7/2/983:26 p.m. Added the link to the Almo Sounds site. And added a review of the album from AP News, to the site.
6/29/986:45 p.m. The bios are up, but more information is coming!

- Added the live show at Bo Jangles to the live sounds page. Much thanks to Bintal for letting me link to the show! Still working on the bios. Should have those up rather soon.
6/23/98Well, the webpage is kinda up and running. There are still some broken links, I'm working on it.