Americanos Americanos (a compilation)

Another compilation of ¡Musico Latino! Has Eva, as well as stuff from Santana. No full track listing yet.


¡Musico Latino! Lots of phat music from The Blues Experiment?, Ozomatli, and others. The Ozomatli track on this one is Como Vez. If you ever get a chance, go see The Blues Experiement? live, they are incredible.

KRCW Vol. 4 KCRW Rare On The Air Vol. 4

From Ozomatli to Soul Coughing, its all here. You can check out the The Morning Becomes Eclectic, and other KCRW shows at their website and at Live Concerts website.The CD starts with Cut Chemist Suite which, like all the tracks, is live from the show.

A Compilation Of Warped Music
A collection of bands from the year Ozomatli played the Warped tour. Also includes music from the venerable Bad Religion, Royal Crown Review, and Hepcat. Contains the track Cumbia De Los Muertos

Warped Tour
Very Bad Things Very Bad Things (SoundTrack)

Sounds like a great sound track, now if only I could find it. Just a word of caution, avoid this movie like the plague. Possibly one of the most unexpectedly disturbing movies that I have ever seen. Soundtrack includes Como Vez.

edTV (SoundTrack)

One more soundtrack touting Ozomatli's Como Vez. Also includes Cornershop and James Brown.

Never Been Kissed Never Been Kissed (SoundTrack)

Ozomatli also makes an appearance in the film. This one contains Cumbia De Los Muertos.

The Funky Precedent (Benefit)

A benfit album, more info on the album at No Mayo. No Mayo also has a record out by Weapon of Choice. They are a great Funk band. This album has Cumbia De Los Muertos

The Funky Precident
UrbanBeats:03 UrbalBeats:03

Another compilation touting our boys Ozomatli. Contains the track Cut Chemist Suite, as well as stuff from Moby, Orbital, UNKLE, and the Crystal Method. My only question is, how the heck did Ozo end up on this one?