Chota - Coming War - Como Vez - Cut Chemist Suite - Cumbia De Los Muertos
La Misma Cancion - Chango - O Le Le - Super Bowl Sundae



Cuidado, ahi viene la placa, la jara, cuidado, ahi viene, cubrete lacara
Los derechos de un ser humano fueron violados por otro ser humano
Unos policias se aprovecharon de la autoridad que la gente les dieron
Entrenados a llevarse un hombre sin violar derechos, abusaron suautoridad, palizaron un hombre sin piedad
Nosotros la gente que les dimos autoridad, igual, se lo podemos quitar


Eso fue lo que yo vi, lo que les digo, ocurrio asi


He caught a nightstick lick to the brain piece /
Itís a new day but itísthe same beast hopin that the pain cease /
He hopin that your brainsleak on the concrete from his heat or from his feet /
Is he sípose tomaintain peace or is it beef /
Like a t-bone steak they like to seebones break /
The way they cuff you, the way they hobble through laws,with his foot in your back screamin probable cause /
Not only do flawsoccur when you serve and protect, you swerve and project /
Bullets /That donít deserve to connect /
To bystanders and perpetrators of alesser crime /
Evil that you shine will never stand the test of time /
Letís define brutality in its entirety force unnecessarily /
Some thinkitís a fantasy I think itís a tragedy how we let the people who we call protectors inflict and oppress us


Can you imagine this world with no oppression /
And no need to dabble in greed and transgression /
The solution for murder and prostitution is never glorify this pollution on television /
Corrupt an entire nation / Explicit images /
Never freeing Mumia regardless of proven innocence /
People turning to crime and not intelligence /
It makes me wonder sometimes are we in hell or inches away from confronting the powers that be /
I saw in seconds what has taken some hours to see /
Temps are hot enough to melt a bullion /
More than a million people are ready for rebellion /
And shit is ill sun / Set to the crack of dawn /
If you are black or blonde / Uncle Sam is robbing you blind and putting shackles on /
the minds of your children for real son /
Beware this system and go to war with this institution.

We see a coming war.

They expect those of us who peep to not see /
medical benefits should becheap if not free (right?) /
the richest people are those without morals/
cuz once they get inside they tend to keep the door closed /
Lord knowsthey killing us quick and clean /
from baseheads and people addicted tonicotine /
Man-made disease where skin cells corrode/
to ones where ifinfected you die from common colds /
economical foes they pose the truethreat /
using you tax dollars to sell and produce death /
now what's left / we got guns and drug trafficking/
government will be backing /
andblaming Latin and African brothers for dirty work done /
the shit they do not only hurts young /
but it's provoking revolutionary circumstances /
slow like molasses /
this is a message to the masses /
Never ass kiss


Como ves, como ves
la historia no es como crees
Como ves, como ves
Cuba y Africa soy hermano
con todo mi corazon
quiero besar tu espiritu
y tu alma(repeat)


Tuna the smoke-jumper, packin my oral cannon
bustin from Okinawa, Japan to Laurel Canyon
swallow flows, we turning like plush tires
mellow intros lyrics be burning like brush fires
spreading vocal leprosy, using discrepancy
lyric weaponry lessens your chances of testing me
stop and freeze m.c.ís, I block atrocities
true philosophies from the lips of black Socrates
the pocket-penciler in your peninsula
killing Dracula mcís who bit from my vernacular
I can back it. The ill scene we occupy
no lullaby, got you high, when I rock a fly
verse, for my people, let me breath slow
give a heave-ho, and stimulate your cerebral
system, Cut Chemist grip the fader
Tuna the group debater
we murder you duplicators

cuz I'm an aristocrat, ghetto diplomat
and I'm blessed with a gift for rap

They call me mister antagonistic, drastic
comin from a place where these cops get their assed kicked
the last trick unified was the cornerstone
but now a lyric pistol to the dome is how we warn a clone
born alone, the strength of god makes my mission higher
they found a liar dead, strung up with fishin wire
the mystifier packin vocal artillery
makin lovely word connections like Chuck Woolery
the cool in me, Iíll make your block turn on one rhyme
electrifyin like some nocturnal sunshine
the planetary pioneer and his mixer
Cut Chemist, Chali 2na spittin scriptures
paintin pictures, even sisters adapt cuz
we take it back like chiropractors
actors on wax make worse for real mc's who worth your while
so they search for me
cuz I'm an aristocrat, ghetto diplomat
and I'm blessed with a gift for rap


Aqui no existe la tristeza
solo existe la alegriaes
el baile de los queridos
de los queridos del pasado
mira como baila mi mama
bailando con mi hermano del pasado
sus espiritus se juntan bailando
lleno de alegria y gozando

Cumbia, Cumbia (repeat)

Sierta gente solo puede ver
espiritus bailando entre la gente
si pueden verlos bailando mis hermanos
seran bendicidos entre los cielos
mira como baila mi mama
bailando con mi hermano del pasado
sus espiritus se juntan bailando
lleno de alegria y gozando

Cumbia, Cumbia (repeat)

Chali's Rap:

As sure as your heart muscle rests in your chest cavity
we ask god to bless these festivities
yet, this hostility felt between you and me stops
opportunity given to spread unity
2na be rhythmically wiping sadness clear
reggae cumbia mixtures create this atmosphere
people packin cheer simply cuz these songs show depth
giving shouts to these victims of wrongful death
now, soon as weíre rid of societyís small terrors
the sooner these teenagers donít have to be pallbearers
and carry their pals nearer to graves premature the cure
be mature by keeping you hearts pure


Mi madre y mi padre son de la tierra
todos que estamos aqui tambien son de la tierra
Michelle y mi Alma tambien son de la tierra
y tambien Santiago el nuevo es de la tierra


El otro dia yo vi un hombre
un hombre feo, parece chango
esta peludo hasta la barrigay
en su espalda parece bosque
Pero ay feo, feo
que feo chango
Miralo (repeat)


I'm comin for ya, Iím in the cut, creepiní up, now Iím on ya
it goes to the break of dawn, and it just donít stop,
lyric fist fights brothers we donít need no glocks
It goes peace, if you come to see me rebel
2nafish will come ready like I was Edie Brickell
I'm everlasting, never will my head expand
this publisher is clearing house like I was Ed McMahan
Iíll getcha open like a bullet wound come test the repertoire
and Iíll connect a right cross to your upper jaw
Iím on my toes, all my foes beware
cuz 2nafish will tackle flows like Iím Rosie Greer
Iím hear to tell you the response is choice
comin to smother the brother with the monster voice
is going to wipe slow specimenI got the hype so listen in,
lyrical nitroglycerin
we pack a punch like an earthquake set,
comin through your tape deck is how we shape shift
so all you critics out there take shelter
or youíll be on my conveyor belt when I melt ya


We be the untraditional metaphorically medicinal
2nafishypoo decibal peaks be my ritual
one condition though, Iím layin law like the municipal
lyrics habitual, wit puffin buddha,
get your crew and Imma do the opposite of peace
and go to war so go prepare your boys for floor show
eatin every morsel, Iím your corporal, rather resourceful
rippin rappers from their dome piece to their torso
no remorse for imitators, my crew be innovators
paying homage as well as returnin favors
learnin flavors from the path pavers
but now Ozomatli be makin new hits from past data

Super Bowl Sundae
This is Super Bowl Sundae(repeat)

Iím Chali 2nafish, ainít no twist in my posture
lickin shots cuz a brotha gots to get my propers,
shrimp and lobsters on my dock like a mobster
givin shouts in states to sustain my stature
altered chemically, ainít no gimmick behind
the way that Iím designin my rhyme
line for line youíll find in your neighborhood
thereís a flavor flood, whether youíre a ghetto star
or if your name is mud
we speak the truth rather courageously
and I act rather contagiously
when the stage is free, the rage in me is contained
now the got me, Chali 2nafish and Ozomatli

Super Bowl Sundae
This is Super Bowl Sundae(repeat)