Hello OZO fans! After nearly a year without any changes to the site, I have decided to retire the website. It was a lot of fun providing fan information for the site, but after turmoil over the use of the former domain name, and diminishing interest in running the website, I have decided to discontinue updating the website. I have archived it so you can continue to view the site, you can view it here. As always, you can find official information on the band at www.ozomatli.com. They decided to hire a wonderful webmaster, who has done great things with the website. Also, Please visit John Books Website Ozoland.

Thanks for all the support and hits you all have provided. And here's to the continued success of Ozomatli and Jurassic 5!

/me bows out.

neptune, over and out.
05-04-2001 @ 21:46 PST.

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